Friday, January 18, 2019


 The latest "thing" on facebook is to post a picture of yourself when you began to post on facebook.  I don't have the time to go back that far-- there are so many pictures.  Most of them are dogs, of course.   So, I decided to do a before and after of Max. 
 Max and his sister, Maggie, were at a shelter near me in October of 2008-- over ten years ago. 
 Max was a five year old then-- and sweet. 
 Through "detective work" I was able to find their vet.  Their owner had been called and didn't come to get them.   I was able to get all their vet records and their names-- which were Max and Maggie.
 Really, with a last name of Maxwell, would I ever name my dog Max??  LOL
 Max got along with everyone.  Starlight shared a bed with him.
 He loved hanging out on the Pekingese lounger-- yep, it was their.  I didn't get to use it.
 Max LOVED being on the ottoman and surveying the yard.
 He loved toys, but his favorite toy was a little tennis ball.  His sister was adopted after ten months, and we didn't want Max to go through more changes, so we adopted him. 
 Max was still able to get on that ottoman a few years ago.
 He could still get on the couch.
 He loved his favorite spot in the yard.  I don't let him lay there when it's cold.   He knows this has always been his favorite place, but I go out to get him because he will start shaking. 
 He's not a young boy anymore like in this picture.   He over 15 years old now.
 He has welcomed so many fosters-- like Joyful Grace.  He's good with all of them. 
 He is always excited if I bring Kai Kai home from somewhere.  He's excited when I come home from errands and usually meets me at the door. 
 He likes the snow-- but it's cold on his old joints.    He is on Dasuquin and other meds to help him move better.
 Last year, he could jump up on the couch.
 But, he has gotten older this year -- noticeably.   He doesn't even try to get up on things now.
 He still comes to me and will now put his face/head in my hands to be held and rubbed. 
 He's always been called Mr Grumpy, but he is loving.   He just acts tough.
 His hearing is going-- so I talk louder for him and he looks for me. 
 He has been surprisingly good with the grandbits.
 He can't see well anymore, but he can still get up the five steps to the porch.
 Some days, he will even let me carry him in.   He isn't a fan of being picked up, but he needs help.
 Chumley isn't far behind Max.  I have a house of old dogs.  Chumley is 13-14, Kai Kai is almost 14, and Minnie is going on 13.   Nala is 6 now.
 Gone are the days that he gets on the couch with Kai Kai.  And of course, I have to pick up Kai Kai to be on the couch.
 Max is happy, he follows me sometimes.  He even manages to get up the stairs at night.   But, I know it's hard for him.  He does protest if I try to help haha.
Max is seen regularly (several times a year at least) by our vet.  He has no heart issues, and is in good shape for his age.  He's just an old boy.   He moves slower now, but he's happy and content.   Who could have guessed when he came to us as a foster, he would still be with us ten years later.  💙

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LadyJicky said...

Max is just beautiful ... in his Before and After photos!!!