Thursday, December 20, 2012


 Butterscotch is in his new home near me.    He was a dog who came into rescue SO sick and with such injured eyes-- but look at him now!    His mom says he gives her more belly laughs than she has had in a long time!  She said he was chasing his tail and spinning around and growling at himself.   His doggy sisters were watching in amazement.   His mom called him and he came running to her.   She said the only time he isn't playing is if he is sleeping.    I understand!   He was here with me as a foster and he is a great dog!
Here he is in his Christmas bed with his favorite toy. It goes wherever she goes. He will carry it in his mouth and go to sleep with it beside him. Maybe Santa will bring him more yellow toys. Then he can gather all of them in his bed or under the dining table (another favorite spot).
Here he is on the Christmas card with Bella and Lulu.  I'm not sure how thrilled they are to be Reindeer Pekes.:-)    I'm so glad Butterscotch is in this home-- what a wonderful, loving place it is!

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lady jicky said...

What a lovely Christmas for Butterscotch !!!!