Thursday, December 3, 2015


 Pandy came into rescue in 2004.   She was one of my fosters.   We thought she was 4-6 at the time.  
 She was in a Maryland shelter and you can see there were mold problems there.   Not a good situation.   They did put a blanket down for her, which showed they cared.
 My daughter became very attached to Pandy and decided to adopt her.   Pandy adored my daughter.
 Pandy was joined by Leo, the Lab and they became buddies.  
 They still enjoy hanging out together.
 Pandy could be a bit testy when we got her.   She would flinch if you reached for her, so she must have been through something.   She hasn't done that for a long time.   She also did just fine when Beach Bit joined the family.
 She is getting older now-- we guess she is at least 15.   She is deaf, and sleeps a lot.
 She likes to hang out on the baby's things.
 She is almost all white in the face and when it's cold outside, she gets a little jacket on.
She is still adored by my daughter and she just sent me a picture of Pandy curled up under the Christmas tree.    She looks beautiful there.    Another Christmas for Pandy, now with her two human siblings, and lot of love.    It will be a Merry Christmas for her.

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lady jicky said...

Pandy is the Angel on top of the Christmas Tree!! What a sweet heart she is !!!