Saturday, February 24, 2018


 Wow, yesterday's blog on being tired hit a spot in people.   I guess a lot of us are tired!  Nala is.
 Oliver is tired.  Time for a nap.
 I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) so in the winter, if the sun goes down, I think I should go to bed.   Like a bear--  Max agrees!   In the winter, I sleep more.
 Chumley naps more in the winter, too.  February tends to be the month I just want to curl up and sleep. 
 Max loves to curl up on the grass in the spring and take a nap in the sunshine.  But, it's too cold now.
 Chauncey is all for a nap!   I think his siblings could curl up on that big bed.
 Puccini is really into naps.   
But, Benjamin has us all beat.   He is so totally relaxed when he naps-- let's all imitate him and curl up for a nap!

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LadyJicky said...

Its the end of Saturday here and we are going to BBQ two turkey legs and then ..... eat and sleep! LOL