Thursday, February 8, 2018


This little girl was in a shelter in Florida.  She was an old girl and had a lot of medical issues.  She had no lower jaw-- infection probably took it away.  But, a woman saw her and fell in love.  Diane wanted to give her love for whatever time she had left.   She said she was an "old, old lady"  and she had to go through a few surgeries.  She had to have an eye removed and she also had a hernia in her uterus the size of a tennis ball.  Her tail was broken and bald from flea infestation, and she was almost blind and deaf.   She had obviously never been cared for.  But, Diane saw through all this, and she saw the beauty in this little girl.  She took her home.  She had Suzi for a year and a half.  Suzi ate good food, her hair grew back, and she found a love for snacks.  Her mom found immense joy in giving Suzi protection and love.  Last week, Suzi died in her mom's arms-- a place she loved to be.   This is true rescue-- her mom saw "beyond the dirt, the terror,  sadness and defeat and saw the true soul" that was there.  Suzi was a beautiful little girl-- and she had incredible love for the last part of her life.  Run free now, sweet one.   Your mom will miss you!

"We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise homely faces. It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within. We are Rescue."


Lost Earring said...

I'm not sure but it feels like we have had more than our share of "Farewells" in this new year. Each one we lose tears at our hearts and at times leaves us without adequate words to express sorrow for the devastated adoptive parent(s).

One positive thing that does come out of these losses is that each of those who passed did so after a time period however short or long of real love, enough to eat, medical care and a warm place to rest their head in a lap or the arms of their adopters.

LadyJicky said...

Gosh I love Suzi and her Mum .... and what a Mum that lady was!!!