Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Have you ever thought of being a super hero?   I've met a lot of them.  They are called FOSTER PARENTS.   They see a need (to help a Peke in our group for instance), and they know someone needs to step up and help.  A Super Hero is needed-- and they become one.
 Foster parents can have a hard time when we foster.   We get very attached to the Pekes in our care, and love them like our own.  We often nurse them back to health from serious conditions, having them for a long time.
  Some people don't know how we can let them go-- or how hard it is to do that.   But, if we don't let them go, we cannot continue to foster.  So, we love and let go, over and over.   (Furby and Rocky-- available for adoption)
 This is my granddaughter several years ago, but it shows me a "super hero"-- one who will climb a huge barrier to stand on top-- to save a dog.   Fostering can mean there are many hurdles to cross and climb.   It can mean there are problems (health, behavior) we have to conquer. 
 When our fosters are adopted, our hearts can ache, and we worry about them for at least the first few weeks.   And then we hear they are adjusting and we feel better.
 Fostering means we have the opportunity to love so many!   Sometimes, they have medical issues, like the seizure disorder both Nala and BeeBee have.  We are trying to stabilize them, and so far they are doing well. 
 As foster parents, we get to see the "after" stories where the new Peke means the world to a new owner.   Like Blossom (Poof) who has brightened her mom's life.
 Sometimes, we foster those who will not go on to a "forever home"-- because they have medical issues that mean they just need a place to be, a place to be cared for and loved.  Princess is one of those.
 We give them safety-- something so important to so many who have been abused and neglected.  Duke in the middle was one who had suffered a lot.   Rocky on the right was simply not cared for.
 Some we get have not had the beginning they need to be stable.   Oreo was severely neglected as a puppy until he was about 2.   He learned that people could not be trusted.  He has come so far, but will need a special adopter who will take time to win his trust and show him the world is a good place. 
 Fostering is not for everyone, but for those who do foster, THANK YOU!   You are the heart of rescue.  (Furby, Rocky's dad)
We foster parents are made of mush-- but we are also made of steel.   We are steel if we need to defend these dogs, if we need to stand up for them, if we need to come between them and someone who does not deserve them.  We are mush when they give us a kiss, climb in our laps and begin to see the world is a good place.   So, if you are fostering or have fostered for us-- you are a Super Hero.   You have made a difference-- whether you fostered once, or over and over.  If you know a foster mom/dad, tell them thank you.   They are Super Heroes!  (And please list their names in the comments if you know a foster mom!  Even if they are not part of our group.  It will be like a pat on the back for them--)


lady jicky said...

The people who foster for your group Linda are Peke Angels !!!!

Mike LaBelle said...

Jeanne Reeves has been a foster, loving adopter and one of the faces of Potomac Pekes for many years. I personally know of no other person who has done so much for these little ones. Jeanne is an angel for those little ones who need love.