Wednesday, February 28, 2018


 Louie and Katie came into rescue in July 2011. 
 They came from different shelters, but both went to Paige's for fostering.
 They became best friends there and has the great blessing of going to the same home together.
 It's wonderful to be adopted with a best friend because you have someone to play with and it also makes the transition so much easier.   They didn't really need help because their new mom and dad were so wonderful.   They had a Peke before and welcomed these two to their home.
 Katie loved being outside, but not necessarily when she had to trudge through the snow. 
 She was on hand for cook-outs.  She loved helping her dad-- of course, she hoped something would fall down. 
 Katie developed health issues and her parents did all they could, but things were happening fast and Katie was in pain.  It's so difficult to let them go, even when we know it's time. 
Letting them go with out help is such a loving, but painful, thing to do.
Run free now, sweet girl. 

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LadyJicky said...

What a pretty one Katie was !
Love that photo of her under the BBQ ...... she will be so missed.