Monday, February 26, 2018


Floyd is old.  He was old when I got him 2 1/2 years ago, and he's still old.  It happens. :-)
He loves to meander slowly around the yard.  He checks to see if my sister's dog is out next door (there she is!) and he checks out his normal path, around the perimeter of the yard-- something he has done for over two years.  He goes at a very slow pace.  That's okay.
When we had snow, he changed his route a little, but still tried to check things out.
When BeeBee and Nala arrived, BeeBee was interested in Floyd.
"Who are you?" he said.
"I'm looking at you with my one eye.  It's old, but I can still see you there."
"I'm sure he likes me." said BeeBee.
This past week-end, BeeBee and Floyd played!  WOW. 
He's never done this.
Nala tried to join in, but she eventually just left them alone.
They moved from the kitchen to the family room.
Floyd was having a blast!
"This girl is kind of cute."
They went this way.... and that way. 
Floyd had a great time!  So did BeeBee.  💗


Lost Earring said...

LOVE the play between Floyd and BeeBee. She is like a tonic for Floyd and proves that just because one is elderly it doesn't mean they don't enjoy a romp with a pretty girl.

LadyJicky said...

I think old Floyd has a bit of a crush!!! LOL