Saturday, February 10, 2018


 Cixi is being fostered by a rescue friend.
 Margie has been a friend of our group for awhile, but since she lives in Florida, she could not foster for us. 
 Cixi came to the shelter near her that she volunteers for and Margie offered to foster her.   Cixi is older, and had to be shaved down.   Her skin has some issues, but nothing that care and love can't fix.
 Cixi is a special need Peke-- she has little hearing or sight.
 That doesn't get in her way. 
 She is content to snuggle and be loved.
 She has soft beds to sleep in.
 She is getting the medical care that she didn't have for so long.   Hopefully, it will help her ears and drops will help her eyes.  Sometimes, some sight can be restored. 
For now, she's content to be adored-- after all, she is Her Royal Highness, Cixi, the Last Dowager Empress of China.  But, they just call her China Doll for short.  I think that's perfect.


LadyJicky said...

China Doll ..... what a great name!
Her Royal Highness is just so cute and although she cannot see or hear too well - you can just tell in the photos she knows her life is safe and warm.

Lost Earring said...

China Doll the Last Empress is a perfect name for her. She is so beautiful.