Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Granger belongs to my daughter (she fostered/adopted him from us).  He loves to get into things.
Boxes are his favorite.
If a new box arrives, he doesn't care what is in it.   He just wants to GET in it.
Christmas was especially fun since so many boxes arrive then.
He even has his family joining him in the boxes.
Fun Fun Fun!
He has so much fun that he has to take a nap.
He has explored paper bags, too.   If you look closely, you can see some of his tail.  Yes, he's in there.
He wants to eat on the table, but they said no way.   They offered him a box and he ate in it.  They thought he'd never come out. 
He now has the whole family involved.  I think Granger shared this one because it was too small for him.  So, if you have extra boxes, just send them to Granger!! 


LadyJicky said...

Well , I have learnt one thing ..... if Granger gets "boxed in" he won't worry about that! LOL

Lost Earring said...

This is the cutest thing. Our Willow likes to have a little hidey hole but I've never seen her crawl into a box or a sack for that matter.

I love Must Love Pekes because for the most part it puts a smile on my face despite the fact that I read the National and World News first every morning first.