Monday, February 12, 2018


 Bridget was an older girl we had in rescue.  She was turned into a shelter last May and the shelter asked for help.  Of course we would take her!  She was fostered near me and they loved her.
 She was adopted in November and now lives in Richmond.   She is acquiring quite a wardrobe.  The pink looks so good with her white hair.
 Her mom is retired and Bridget has made the perfect companion for her.  They go on walks together, hang out together, and just love being together. 
 Bridget's hair is thick and wonderful.   When we got her, it needed help, and she got it.   Good food and care made her coat lovely.
 Her mom tried on a new hat and Bridget let her-- I personally LOVE the pink.
Bridget has everything a dog could want.  Soft beds, good food....
And someone who adores her.
It's the perfect life for a senior girl.  The Best!


LadyJicky said...

Oh that Bridget is just beautiful and I think red would look lovely on her too but .... pink is the best in our opinion .
Melinda and Coco

Lost Earring said...

What a beautiful model Bridget makes. Pink really makes her coat stand out and I suspect most colors would look great on her too. Nice way to start the morning.