Friday, February 2, 2018


 Buddy was Margie's foster-- her first foster.  He came to her on November 2.  He was heartworm positive and went through the treatment. 
 He was an older boy and was in a group that came from Puerto Rico to be cared for and find homes.   We don't know his history before that.
 He had medical care and lots of love with Margie and being her first foster, he found a very special place in her heart.💗💗
 He did find a home-- and his new parents had a sign to welcome him in January.
 He met some of the other dogs.
 He lived at Freckles Farm-- what a great place!
 Buddy had everything he needed- love and soft places to rest are wonderful.
 This morning early, Buddy showed signs that something wasn't right and before his new mom could get him to the vet, he left them on his own.
His new mom and his foster mom are devastated.  They know they gave him a wonderful two months.   They just wish it was longer.  Run free now, sweet boy.


Lost Earring said...

Tears aplenty this morning. We didn't know Buddy for long but we watched in awe as he blossomed in his foster home with Margie and Eddie then found his way into his amazing adopted parent's home.

Now he's gone so quickly, obviously from the hard life he endured prior to leaving Puerto Rico and the Hurricane that displaced so many people and their pets.

Thank you Margie and Nancy for giving Buddy the opportunity to live royally even if it was for only a few months.

LadyJicky said...

What a beautiful boy Buddy was .... like a teddy bear!

I am so sad for his family and foster family.... gone too soon.