Tuesday, May 1, 2018


 Some dogs just stay home.  Like Chumley.  No travels.
 Floyd stays home, too.
 His biggest trip is around the yard (unless it's to the vet).
 Kai Kai is perfectly content to stay in his own little world-- although he IS going to the picnic with me this Saturday.  Have you made your reservation for lunch at the picnic??
 Granger, my granddog, doesn't travel much either.  He does come to our house, and he loves sitting in the yard, watching for squirrels and birds and ducks in the small creek.
 But, Dash, my little foster, who lives the life of luxury-- he can travel!
 He loves his new family.  He adores his dad and takes naps with him.
 He has his own RV!  Well, he does share with his Peke siblings, Poncho and ChaCha (and his parents are allowed to drive it).
They are all napping as they travel to their next destination.  Oh, the life he has now!  What a lucky boy!!  Do your Pekes travel??

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LadyJicky said...

Bloody hell ..... next time you will be telling us Dash has his own private jet Linda!!!! LOL