Friday, May 18, 2018


 Lucy Lu has been through a number of homes in the last six months-- at least two that we know of. 
 So, she came to us so we could help her.   (Crates or seat belts are a must in transport for safety.)
 She had fleas, her skin was red and infected and her hair was missing. 
 She was a mess and her ears were infected.  But, WE ARE RESCUE!  If we can fix it, we try to.  (Sometimes, we do get dogs who cannot be fixed-- so we give them a special, safe place to be until it's time to let them go.) 
 Lucy Lu met Ricky, who is visiting Lucy Lu's foster.  They are so similar looking, but he said he wanted to be included.  Ricky came down from Richmond to see the eye dr. here. 
 He thinks it is very funny that he, Ricky, and Lucy, are together for awhile.  Ricky and Lucy-- get it? :-)  (I LOVE LUCY for those who are too young to get this connection.)
 We took Lucy Lu right to the vet.   She was so good.
 "I'm so glad to be here!" 
 She has such a sweet face.
 And her teeth aren't bad-- we think she's about 5-6.   We were told she was a little older, but her teeth don't have the "age" (tartar, wear and tear) on them.
 Lucy Lu came to my house to find a harness and collar that fit better. 
 She has a red set now.    Susan is holding them-- I'm so grateful for her help.   (I can't bring any here because of the Sister's--Nala and Beebee-- IMHA.)
 And then off they went to their foster home.  Lucy Lu will be rechecked next week.  She is on antibiotics for her skin, baths every three days and good food. (She was eating Old Roy before, and well, you might as well feed your dog cardboard for all the nutrition that brand has in it.)   She has a wonderful foster mom and will soon go to her forever home. 
We love rescue! 


LadyJicky said...

Oh Linda ..... I could just pinch Lucy Lu for myself ..... what a pretty snow Peke she is!!

I am old enough to know I love Lucy .... watched it when I was young.... but I do love the Chinese actress Lucy Lu too!

Lost Earring said...

I'm very familiar with Desi, Lucy, Fred and Ethel as I was growing up and we never missed them on their TV night.

This little girl is precious and I hope she finds a perfect home that won't feed her Ole Roy, neglect treatments for fleas & ticks but most of all gives her never ending love.