Thursday, May 10, 2018


Ghengis came to the picnic.   He was in a Maryland shelter and Barbara got him out and they were going to foster him.  Well, that didn't last long-- he wasn't going anywhere.
I'm not surprised-- look at that sweet face.
This was Mr. Wiggles-- who is now called Papageno and other things LOL.
He is a beauty, and he has come a long way since the autumn when Barbara picked him up from his owner.   He had a lot of stress issues from his past life and Barbara and Lara have worked with him to help him overcome them.  They are mother/daughter who refuse to give up when a dog has had a bad life before they get him.   They are amazing.   He came to the picnic and was so good!
Jules and her sister, Pearl, below, came to the picnic. 
They came into rescue in 2011 and have had the most wonderful life with Marji.  They were two years old at the time, so I think they are still young.  (Of course, most of my Pekes are 13 and up, so 9 is young to me.) 
This was Mugsy-- now he's Sunny because of his sunny disposition.  He was adopted last year at the picnic-- they had an approved application and met him at the picnic and took him to his new home with them.   Just look at that sweet face!  I meet the best people through our foster dogs and Sunny's new family is in that group.
Chip is Sunny/Mugsy's brother.  Chip is a beauty.
He was so well behaved at the picnic. 
Check out tomorrow's blog for a "before the picnic" look. 

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LadyJicky said...

Its just great to see all the pekingese that turned up .... ALL are just beautiful !!!!