Monday, May 14, 2018


 How was your Mother's Day?  I know Rita had a wonderful one, cuddled up with Mattie and Benny. 
 Here, BeeBee and Nala were resting-- before the day began!
 It began with me meeting my daughter, who transported a new dog to our rescue.    We went straight to the vet to have her seen and cared for. 
 Then, all the Bits arrived-- yahoo!!   Sugar Bit and Bitty Bit the Viking were walking in the yard.
 My son in law was relaxing.   Granger was there, too.
 The kids played in the dirt under the porch. 
 and played...
 and played....
 Dirt is so much fun!
 Nala was not about dirt at all-- she just wanted to curl up on my lap.
 Granger, my granddog, stole a chair.
 We grilled ribs and my son in law and husband took care of the grill.
 Nala thought it was busy-- and warm.
 Popsicles did the trick for the kids.
 Do you want one??
At the end of a happy, very busy day, Chumley curled up in a bed and slept.  The rest of us did the same!


Lost Earring said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day Sunday. We had a great day too with Daughter coming over with brunch all made up, roses and perfume for me and then it was choosing a slice of cheesecake because she brought one of those different flavors cheesecakes. Half of the fun was choosing and tasting.

She brought along her year old Basset Hound Guinny so there was a lot of barking and mixing it up with our three who must have signed a pact not to get along. Barking was loud and prolonged so this morning Mercer Meyer can't bark because he's apparently got a sore throat since we had to tie him up to prevent fights. He hacked about all night until Dave got up and gave him some honey to soothe his throat. It does sound much better this afternoon.

LadyJicky said...

Your Mothers Day was busy but fun.

My grand kids came over on the Saturday so my hubby and I drove over to my Mums on Sunday and Coco was ... home alone... she was very happy when we returned as she is getting older and does not like being on her own for long.