Tuesday, May 8, 2018


 We had the entire pavilion for the picnic.   We used to grill, but now we have it catered by Red, White and Blue barbeque.  Delicious! 
 We had a silent auction and raised a lot of money from our generous attenders.
 There was a sign to remind people to use Amazon smile and tag our group.
 I brought this purse home for one of my granddaughters.  I think it was brand new!
 One of the joys of the picnic is seeing former foster dogs. 
 Mattie was one of mine, and I always say they become traitors after they are adopted.  They move on, and sometimes don't remember us very well.  That's okay!  It shows how well they have made the adjustment to their new home.
 Mattie was one of those that I could have kept-- but you can't keep them all.   She was just so sweet.
 She was adopted with Benjamin "Benny" and Rita said he did remember my voice.   He is blind, but it never got in his way.  He is the sweetest boy-- he and my Kai Kai are that gorgeous red color.
 He's still so beautiful and has the best home!
 Gus was one of Jeanne's fosters, so we took this picture to share with her.   I know she would have loved to see him.   
Gus' face is so precious-- he came so far in rescue and his mom, Susan, adores him.   More picnic pics tomorrow! 

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LadyJicky said...

Oh I would feel a bit hurt to if some do not remember me if I was a foster but ..... that just shows what a fabbo job you did and how well they were placed in their new home! The best new owners for the best Peke :)

Looks like a wonderful day Linda and I want to say "Hi" to Jeanne - thinking of you :)