Tuesday, May 29, 2018


 I did a blog last week on Tara's ride to freedom. 
 She is a super sweet girl.  She's not old either!
Her face is really flatter than it looks here-- she's so friendly and loving. 
But, we got her and realized she had a problem.  She had two hernias.  That usually isn't an issue-- but hers are huge, the size of oranges.   So, a regular vet cannot do the repair.  She saw a specialist who can use mesh if needed, and she is having surgery next week.  She will have a long recovery and limited movement (no running).   Walks on leashes, confinement to a smaller area (like an xpen) and hopefully, she will be just fine. 
Whoever gets this sweet girl as part of her family will be lucky.  She loves other dogs and loves to play and cuddle.   She is sweet, curious, friendly....  Sounds like the perfect dog!  Stay tuned for updates!! 

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LadyJicky said...

Oh the poor thing..... I hope she goes well at the doctors and someone wants to adopt her ... Tara is super sweet!