Saturday, May 12, 2018


 Some of us drive a LONG way to get to the picnic.   Kay and Claretta got these looks before they left for the 7 hour drive.    We have people who came from Massachusettes, New York, Florida, and of course, all over Maryland and Virginia. 
 I left the day before and went to Ida's house-- Floyd and his friends stayed at home.  (The Sisters, Nala and BeeBee had to stay at the vet for seizure/medication watch.)
 At Ida's, I got the royal treatment!   Of course, she had Pekingese-- Percy and Allie Marie the BeBe.  And sweet Jasper, her Cocker Spaniel, was there-- oh my, he stole my heart.
 Hello, Percy.   He wasn't too sure of me, but he didn't bark at me.  That was good! 
 Allie Marie wears a bib when she eats-- how cute is that. 
 Robin did so much-- most of-- the preparation. She ordered a cake to celebrate 30 years of rescue for Potomac Valley Pekingese Club.  (I know our facebook page is Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue, but our legal name is Potomac Valley Pekingese Club, Inc.)
 Robin ordered the barbeque from Red, White and Blue.
 She set up the registration area and had her helpers, ChiChi and Leann helping her.
 Robin also brought donuts and donut holes, and coffee!   I brought the leftovers to my daughter's and the Bits and their friends had NO TROUBLE polishing them off within minutes of my arrival!
 And then, the fun began-- seeing some of my fosters and other PVPC alumni.  Of course, Mattie-- what can I say.  ❤️❤️❤️
 Arby was there-- she was Rose Bud of the Bristol 18-- she is 16 now.  Her coat is stunning!
 Precious Benjamin was there-- Rita said he recognized my voice.  Oh my heart.
 Bobby was adopted from us.  I didn't foster him, but he was in my area.   He is so sweet!
 Gus and Bridget had a crush on each other. 
 When it was over, a lot of us helped clean up.   There is a lot involved with the picnic. and Robin finished it off.  THANK YOU, ROBIN!!!   You are the best!  We really appreciate you.
 I got home-- the pups were glad to see me.  Can you see Floyd's excitement LOL.
 I picked the Sisters up from the vet-- they were so excited to get home.
 Oh, I guess Floyd was excited!
And my heart boy, Kai Kai, was so glad to see me.   The picnic was so much fun!!  Thank you to all who gave up part of their day, who drove long distances and brought their Pekes for a fun day!


LadyJicky said...

It takes a lot of helpers to get this wonderful picnic happening and boy it shows! They all did a superb job!
Such a wonderful time ... I can tell by the photos! How I wish I was there but I was in spirit :)
So many people traveled so far but at the end a fabulous time .
Did you get any adoptions Linda?

Lost Earring said...

I'll make it next year I hope. This year was not going to happen because of some health issues and the topper for my frustration and worry was the fact that we received a recall on our new (for us) car. It seems that the car maker has found a weakness in the bolt that keeps the steering wheel on its stalk is weak and there's a definite concern that the bolt might snap and the steering wheel might come off. No one in their right mind is going to test that out by driving 70 to 75 MPH for 800 miles round trip.

Meanwhile the photos supplied by the lucky attendees are really appreciated. And there's a photo of Kai Kai who stayed home and missed his Momma I'm sure

LadyJicky said...

Lost Earring .... lots of re-calls here in Australia too..... honda ,Toyota, Mitsobishi and some Fords!
Never happened when I was young - strange . Still ... some recalls are the air-bags and they are sort of new tech. I guess !!!