Thursday, May 31, 2018


 We were asked to take in a family of Pekingese.  Jodi was one of them.
 Koko was, too.
 Hello, Andy.
 Marian went with me-- so not only did I get help, but I had a friend to chat with on the way up!  Marian is going to help with fostering.
 We met at the Yankee Candle in Williamsburg.
 Andy is a big boy-- he can lose a little.  :-)  He is 11 years old, but I would have guessed he was much younger.
 There was Jodi, who I called Mama-- she is the mom of Minnie.
 Koko is 13, the daddy of Minnie (who is the mom of Andy).   I had to work on learning quickly who was who.
 This is Jodi-- as soon as I met her, I checked her out and could tell her heart was so bad.  (I have Floyd who has a grade 6 heart murmur, and she was much worse.)
 The Pekes were wandering about, checking things out.
 Meeting new people.   My daughter met us there just to say hi.  ❤️
 Andy and Jodi ....
 Minnie and Koko...
 We loaded them up-- here we go.
 They had fresh water, but it was only an hour drive to my vet.
 Jodi and Koko were together.   They have been together all their lives.
 Jodi is almost 16 and I turned the air conditioning on in the back to keep them cool.  (Our transporters who have helped us all do this-- we have the best helpers!)
 Minnie wanted to ride with Marian.
 You can tell her eyes need some help.
 At the vet, I had two strollers to keep them safe-- they don't know me, so this way, I felt they could snuggle another one.   (Thank you to those who gave me strollers!)
 The vet clinic knew I was coming, but bringing in four at one time still required some work. 
 I was most concerned about Jodi, so she was evaluated right away.
 I knew she was struggling, and the exam showed that her heart was really bad.   So filled with fluid around it, that there was no heart beat that could be heard-- just fluid.   There was no blood pressure to be found in her back leg, because the circulation was so low.
 There was no way to fix her, nothing that could be done.  She was suffering, fighting for every breath.  We brought the others in to say good-bye to her.  I petted her and loved on her as we let her go.    This is the hardest part of rescue.
But, faces like this, faces of hope and trust, are the good part of rescue.   We can help the others.   They will all need dentals, two may lose one eye, some have ear infections and other things can be dealt with.    I'll have more information as their lab work comes in.  For now, they are safe, together, and resting.  Welcome to rescue sweet Minnie, Koko, and Andy.   Run free, sweet Jodi.  You can breathe easy now.


Lost Earring said...

My beloved Cuppie is waiting on the other side of the bridge to lead Jodi into the Heaven that has no pain, heart condition, fleas or ticks.

Unknown said...

They are so beautiful. I just recently lost my little girl. I wish i could take them, i dont think i could say goodbye again so soon. Stunning little souls, i cant say enough.