Thursday, January 24, 2019


 Bellamy came into rescue in October.  He has been posted for free on facebook, but a good samaritan got him and then contacted us.  (NEVER post a pet on facebook for free-- it's a big sign to animal abusers and fighters to get your dog and not treat it well.)
 Bellamy was a tiny 9 pound one year old who was ready for a new home.
 He was great on transport.
 We posted him on our site and had so much interest in him.   He needed a fenced yard, because he was so fast.
 We had a wonderful application for him, with one of the best vet checks we've ever done.   We love that-- and yes, we really do vet checks.
 Bellamy's new name is MICKEY.  And he met a Great Pyrenees named Noah, who is now one of his buddies.
 He was given so many toys by his new neighbors and friends.  He is quite a star there!
 Mickey had to watch for his best friend, Noah, to go for a walk, so while he waited, he was leashed to the stool.  He has another yard that is fenced and another big play area.  What a spoiled boy.
His new mom adores her boy and Mickey adores her right back.
Yes, I think he has the perfect home now.  And I love his new fuzzy coat!!  💙


LadyJicky said...

I am so happy for Mickey..... he is like my Yum Yum - real fast on the foot!!! LOL

Lost Earring said...

What a treat to read a happy adoption story. Bellamy/Mickey is just adorable and he has friends and a Momma who loves him.

Another rescue lottery winner. If only all rescues could end like this one.