Saturday, June 25, 2011


Remember Brandy when she came into rescue last August-- almost a year ago. She was nine pounds of skin and bone and had been taking care of her two puppies.

She was afraid of everything, but bonded to Jeanne who was taking care of her.

She has been with Mary Elizabeth and under her love and care, Brandy has blossomed into a beautiful Peke.

She's timid of strangers-- that sometimes remains when a dog has been as severely abused as Brandy was.

Her hair is absolutely stunning-- thick and healthy.

She got a brand new bed last month. She obviously loves it!

Camden wanted it to be for him, and he tried it out, but he got "evicted" so Brandy could get back in. :-)

If you are interested in adopting Brandy, please email us at


lady jicky said...

What a pretty girl Ms Brandy is!!

emilyp said...

Brandy is gorgeous!! I hope she finds a furever home soon..but I still think she might just belong where she is;) it's fate!

Doris Sturm said...

I am actually looking for a small female Peke for Gizzy, so if you ever come across one, please let me know.

I don't see how anyone could abuse any animal, but especially not such a small, petite dog as a Peke - what miserable people roam this earth. It's disgusting!

Linda said...

Doris, where are you located? We adopt in Va. and Md. But, I know rescues in other places.