Sunday, June 26, 2011


Peke (the name he is being called) was found in S.E. Virginia. As hard as his finders tried, they could not locate the owner of this sweet Peke mix. He is only a year old the vet thinks, so surely someone was looking for him-- or not. :-( It happens a lot. Dogs get out, or are put out (like Sassy) and no one is looking for them.

Peke looks like he is mixed with Yorkie to me-- but I know Pekes well, not the rest.

Peke is fully vetted-- his finders did everything for him! That is incredible to me. He's had all his shots, and they had him neutered also.

He is doing well on housetraining. He just needs a place to live forever. The dogs who are in his home now just don't want a little dog there.

His finders even had a puppy cut on him to keep him cool for the summer. (He's inside, but he had a lot of hair! And it's hot here!) They really like this little boy, but need to find him another home. If you are interested, please email me at

Here is an article that I thought was really interesting. This blog is written by a vet and a great place to "visit."


lady jicky said...

Peke looks a great dog and mix breeds are so cute too!!!

I am sending big fat "Adoption Vibes" for him! Woof!

Karin said...

He is just so cute, especially with his summer cut! I know he'll find a great home.