Sunday, June 19, 2011


We received a request to take in a Peke someone found. He was in Maryland, and we know we have to go by the rules in each area. We wanted to give the owners time to claim him, also.

This boy had no tags on or a microchip. I believe in a dog wearing tags all the time. Sometimes, a dog can slip out no matter how careful we are. If there is no i.d. on it, it means the owner may not find their dog again.

This little one was so cute and looked well cared for-- if he had a microchip, that would have given a way to locate his owner. Some dogs we've gotten have had microchip-- BUT, if they are not registered, it does no good.

This little guy had a break. The people who found him took him for a walk a few days after they found him. Two boys on their bikes saw him and said, "There's Toby!" The lady walking him went to the house and Toby jumped into his owner's arms. A happy reunion! But, please keep tags and microchips on all your dogs-- just to be safe.


lady jicky said...

On Ya Toby!!!
So glad you found your family - hey , he is one handsome man and my Moi Moi is verrrry interested! LOL

emilyp said...

So glad to hear that Toby was able to be reunited with his family!!

Nicky said...

Two things. GREAT ADVICE. And congratulations that Toby was returned to his owner. I hope they are more careful with the precious little Peke in the future.