Friday, June 10, 2011


UPDATE: Essie just sent me a picture of the latest guest at her home. :-)

Essie sent me pictures of her yard-- we showed some last year, so this is an update. And guess who is back. The woodpecker.

He's beautiful. (Or is it a girl-- I don't know my birds.)

Gizmo Li saw the woodpecker, so he went out there to try to sneak up on it.

I can see you Gizmo Li.

The woodpecker is gone. You scared him away!

You sure look cute up there, though. I think you need to go inside though. It was 102 degrees in Virginia today. It might not have been as hot at your house as mine, but it's way too hot to be outside for dogs or people.

Bernie, Essie's adopted foster dog, agrees. Are you sleepy Bernie?

One eye is closed, and I think you're about to give up trying to stay away. Did you tell Gizmo Li to come in before you settled down for a nap? I hope so.

And there he goes. Maybe the rest are nearby taking a nap, too. In fact, that sounds like a very good idea!!


lady jicky said...

We have a tawny Frogmouth Owl in the tree over the backyard and my Kenzo loves to give him a "hard time"!!

Bad boy Kenzo!
I shall send you a photo of this Australian Owl Linda!

Tracey said...

Gizmo and Bernie are precious!!! I saw Bernie and thought Anniebelle. What a sweetie! Have a great weekend Linda!

Essie said...

It is fun living out here in the woods. You just never know what you are going to see. There has been a bear siting reported here in Bassett but I haven't seen it nor do I want to.
I think my next project will be a small garden pond to see what will show up for that! Maybe I can get a few ducks and frogs who may want to call it home. :-)