Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is Niles. He was listed as a Pekingese, but now that we have him, we think he's a Japanese Chin.

He had been in the shelter for two months and they neutered him, did all his shots AND did a dental! He doesn't have many teeth left. That's amazing for a shelter to do all that.

Paige picked him up and cleaned him up-- look how pretty he is!

He had to be shaved at the back end because of all the mats, so he looks a little funny. He is older, maybe ten, but he's still got energy and seems healthy.

His hair on his tail will grow back, too.

We are hoping to transfer him to Chin rescue or to a home, so watch our facebook for those updates. I'll also try to remember to update the info on my blog so you will know.

So, even though he isn't a Peke, I'm glad we were able to save him. He was in the shelter too long and needed to get out and be loved on in a home. Many shelters do all they can for the animals there, but it's not a home. Hugs to you, Niles!


lady jicky said...

Niles is lovely and I do think chin's are related to Pekes so he is cool!!!

I am hoping Niles gets a lovely home !!!!!

Pekiegirl said...

So glad you got Niles out of the shelter! That shelter is well run, but I hate to see pekes or chins in jail! Did you get the other one out too?

Linda said...

The Peke that was there was being adopted.

emilyp said...

Yay! So, is he not going to Maine anymore?

Karin said...

He's very cute!