Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I receive so many cute pictures. But, sometimes, it's just one, not a group. I want to share them, so I decided to do an email of just cute Peke pictures. Here we go....
Louie and Katie are now adopted and they got to go on a car ride. Look at their tongues hanging out-- it's a Peke thing.

This is a little Peke in a shelter. If his owner doesn't claim him by Thursday, we are getting him Friday or Saturday. What do you think we should name him? We need a name by this week-end.

Here are Paige and Danni's Pekes. (Louie and Katie are in there also, but now they're in their forever home with Deana.) They are all watching Danni very closely-- she must have some treats.

Sugar (who came in with Ty-Ty, Katie and Caleb) now lives with her Peke friends and her kids. She has discovered that being on the couch is a great place to be.

Princess is sitting pretty in her puppy cut. She is ready for summer, too.

Monk and Nippy are our newest pair to rescue. They are brothers and have been together their whole lives. They are ready for adoption, so just email us if you are interested:

Here is one of my "granddogs" Lottie. She loves to ride to school to drop off her little mistress. She is so good around kids! Her Peke brother, Wicket, is looking over her.

Here is beautiful Laslo. He now lives in N.Va. He was "dumped" by his owner at a boarding facility. It meant they had to wait longer (for legal reasons) to turn him over to rescue. But, now he is safe and in his own home.

Here's Douggy. He was a foster dog of mine and was adopted last year. He has his puppy cut and is ready for summer.

Scotty Butters and Bucky are doing great in New York. They are so lucky-- they get to go to a week-end home each week. I want a week-end home!

Remember Coco Puff? She was one of my foster dogs last fall/winter. She came out of a shelter near me-- and now...

She is living the life in a high-rise condo and rides the elevator. She also loves to curl up in her daddy's lap and be loved on! Her new name is Pikachu. I love that!

Here's Carter, one of the Bristol 18 puppies-- he lives with Jeanne and is VERY relaxed there! Can you tell?

Jasper is trying to make friends with my Cranberry. She is my alpha dog and doesn't really want any friends-- but she isn't bothered by him. She does let him know if he's "in her space." Look how small Jasper is! Cranberry weighs about 17-18 pounds-- but Jasper only weighs 12 now. We're working on putting some weight on him.

Amelia and Paddy are in the bed-- well, at least Amelia is. I think Paddy is saying, "MOVE OVER! I WANT IN!" :-) (So sorry, Fiona, I put the wrong name-- Fiona is their mom! ;-)

Please continue to send pictures of your Pekes-- I love to share them. :-)


lady jicky said...

They are all super cute - I really hope Monk and Nippy can go to a home together soon!

emilyp said...

I love looking at Peke pics:)

Karin said...

These photos are precious! Love Princess sitting up!