Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I asked you to send me pictures of your Pekes with their summer cuts. Some Pekes look really cute with them-- one of my dogs had one and it just didn't work for her. Check out her pictures in tomorrow's blog!

Look at these two cuties-- Princess Mugwhump is with her Llasa-Shih brother, Angel. They look like very good friends.

Princess Mugwhump does not like going to the groomer, but she does like to sit in the sun without getting hot. (When I first saw this picture, I thought she was having a tea-party! It looks like it.)

Princess Mugwhump is so comfortable now. She also like to go to the beach and she can roll in the sand without getting long hair all tangled, sandy and sticky. Puppy cuts are easy to clean.

Princess Mugwhump, I love your name and thank you for sending your pictures to me!

We have another Princess and here she is after her puppy cut. I did a blog on her before if you want to read her story, just go to: Click here: Must Love Pekes: HOW PRINCESS MET HER MOM

Here are Max and Tyler, our Hollywood Pekes. They were adopted when their parents lived near Blacksburg,VA, but now they live in a loft in California-- oh, the life!

I don't know how hot it gets in California (I lived there and I think it's hotter in Va.), but I know summer cuts are nice when it's warm-- wherever you live! Max and Tyler got their summer cuts. Max just had surgery for a growth on his ear-- it was worrying his owners (I know that feeling!) and it was removed by laser surgery. His mom said he came out of the anesthesia faster than the vet expected and he let them all know by his outraged barking that he hadn't had any breakfast!

Look at these two cuties-- I remember when both of them were in rescue. They came in at separate times and Tyler was from a hoarding case we helped with. I remember how much he drew my heart in-- I just love his face. Some just get to you more than the rest. Who knows why. (He reminds me of one of mine-- my Max-- maybe that's why.)

Keep sending me pictures-- you know I love seeing your Pekes!! And look for tomorrow's blog for more puppy cuts! And just for fun, watch this video:

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lady jicky said...

Hi Linda, its me , Missy Moi - I just love to get a summer cut as its so hot here PLUS - in Australia we don't tip our hairdressers!!! LOL Woof!