Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Starlight wanted to know where Jasper was all day.

Jasper had his first heartworm treatment today. He had to stay at the vet all day. I told them he may not appreciate being in a kennel there where they could watch him.

He hates being confined and will get very upset. He's never confined here. He was so glad to be home. And the rest of the Pekes here were sniffing him and making sure he was fine. All five Pekes gathered about this little boy to say, "I'm glad you're back!" Even Cranberry was there! WOW.

They all gathered together and Jasper watched. I know heartworm treatment is rough and he has to go back for a second/third treatment in a month. It's a two day series the next time. Today was just one shot.

He was checking things out to make sure nothing changed while he was gone. He has settled in so well at my house. He is housetrained (yippee!) and wags his tail when I come home.

But, last night he was more sedate.

He just wanted to rest. I had to hand feed him his dinner.

I let him rest in his spot under the desk. He needs to rest for a month so the heartworm treatment can slow rid his body of those awful things. We'll get him well. I know everyone is cheering him on.


Tracey said...

Tell him that Pollyanna sends her love. She went through heartworm treatment and is living proof it is well worth it! She had her yearly checkup this past weekend and was heartworm negative. I am always nervous for her that somehow it will be positive. But, nope, she is good and healthy! Praying that Jasper tolerates the treatment and feels much better soon!

lady jicky said...

Rest up Jasper and let that medication do its stuff!
Kisses from Moi Moi XXXXXXXX

High Five from Kenzo :)

Doris Sturm said...

Awww...good luck with the heartworm treatments. I hope Jasper will be as good as new in no time. Glad that he has friends waiting for him.

Your Starlight is adorable...she looks sort of like my Gizzy did when he was younger.

emilyp said...

((HUGS)) for Jasper:) We are all thinking of you here in Washington:)

Deana said...

All of us here at Louie & Katie's new home wish Jasper the best!!! Hang in there, cutie pie!!!!