Thursday, June 2, 2011


Remember the winter we just had-- where we had snow and more snow. We had freezing days (I know, Melinda, you are about to go into winter in Australia), but those days are over! Carey reminded me that we need to have a reminder blog about the heat. (Hope the pictures makes you feel a little cooler!)

Mr. Bitsy was visiting here while his foster mom was out of town. Can you see his hair blowing? That's because.......

He's laying right in front of the fan. Pekingese, with their flat faces, cannot cool off on their own. I keep floor fans going in my home (which is air-conditioned) just in case the dogs want to have a cool spot.

I keep water bowls in four rooms of the house. With all the dogs here, we can go through some water. Once my grandson is getting around more, this could be a problem! :-)

I keep one on the deck, too. They aren't out there without me, but if I'm working outside, they like to come out. So, water is available.

Sweet Portia is wandering through the border grass. With her black coat, she can absorb the heat even faster. And remember, to NEVER leave a dog in the car, even for a moment, during the summer. It's amazing how fast a car can heat up! And dogs cannot tolerate the temperatures in a closed up car-- neither can we!

They can easily get heat stroke, and are known to lie in the hot sun and not even realize they are getting overheated. This is sweet Daisy, on one of my yard chairs. Isn't she cute!!

This is a spot of sunshine, but it's inside. Mr. Bitsy is hanging out with Kai Kai (Kyden) in the cool kitchen.

They love the wood and tile floors and the area carpets downstairs are all rolled up for the summer.

Please, please, watch your pets during the "dog days" of summer. It's up to us to protect them. P.S. If your Peke has a summer cut, please send me pics! Send them to )


lady jicky said...

I always cut my dogs coat for summer and if they are really hot and not the best - put them in the bath that has a shallow amount of cold water in it and a wet towel . Infact , when the heat is really hot I have a cold towel on the floor for them to lie on .

Tracey said...

Linda, I am having Macy -she is my long hair black Peke - get a summer cut. She is scheduled for next Saturday. I am so nervous to do this as I LOVE her long black fur. But, she is still so young - almost 2. She LOVES to run outside and plays hard. and, she gets so HOT!! She comes in and lays on the air conditioning grate!!! Do you know, will her hair grow back like it is now? I hope I am doing the right thing. I do not plan to cut the others but we will see. Colby is my other young hard player. So if Macy's turns out good... he may be next!! Fingers crossed!

emilyp said...

Newman and Drizzle are getting their summer cuts as I type! I will take pics of them when they get home:) I don't love doing it, b/c I love their hair, but Drizzle plays hard and Newman loves to sit in a patch of sun until he starts panting, lol.

LuLu and Lolita said...

This is Lolita's first summer in New York! She spent the summer of 2010 in Moscow, where the weather is much milder. In Moscow, summer cuts for pekes are unheard of, and so it is foreign to me as well. I feel very uneasy about cutting her long beautiful fur, but I know she'll be hot during these humid New York summers. Do you know if there are any alternatives to summer cuts, e.g. shaving the belly, or having the groomer thin out the hair? I'm already mixing ice in her water dish and leaving ice mats (wrapped in cloth) around the house. I'm looking to keep my baby comfortable during her first summer here, so any advice will be greatly appreciated! Good luck to all the peke parents getting their peke's hair cut, I can't wait to see the photos!

LuLu and Lolita said...
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Linda said...

Yes, you can trim the belly area, and use a furminating brush to get out a lot of undercoat. Ice packs are good, but be careful of ice water, because it can cause some problems (I've heard about this, not experienced it). A groomer can thin the coat also. Air conditioning is a must, of course, and a floor fan is good to have for them to stay cool in front of.

LuLu and Lolita said...

Thank you, Linda, for your advice and insight! I will contact a groomer about thinning out her coat for the summer. And I will definitely be careful of ice water -- I had not idea it could cause health complications. I will be sure to send before and after photos of Lolita once I get her groomed :)

Linda said...

I'll look for the pictures! I may have enough for two blogs of beautiful summer Pekes.

Karin said...

We've only had a few sunny warm days so far, so memories of winter haven't been forgotten just yet :) Still waiting for summer to kick in all the way!
I'll refer to your snowy picture as needed ;)