Sunday, June 5, 2011


I wrote last week about Thomas, one of our adopted dogs who died. His mom sent me more pictures and I wanted to share more on him and his family of animal friends. Thomas was seen here running across the deck. He loved his foster turned permanent home. And they loved him right back.

His mom had a foster dog named Hayden-- Hayden had a special crate he liked to get into to take naps-- but he's telling his foster mom that Thomas is in it. Guess he wanted a hidey-hole to sleep in also.

Mick ws one of Thomas' Peke friends. He was a foster dog who had been abandoned near a dumpster in Maryland. And he's such a nice boy-- I don't understand it. He stayed in his foster home, too. Sometimes, it's just hard to let them go! (I know, I've kept three of my fosters! Well, they stayed by default, but I was glad they did.)

This is Dash, one of Thomas' cat friends. He has a matching moustache and belly button. And he's very comfortable, too!

And this is his other cat friend, Harlie, who was adopted when his owner moved to Washington state. He sure is pretty!

Deva, the Corgi, and Mick and all their friends miss Thomas. Rest in peace, sweet boy.


lady jicky said...

He looked a lovely peke and I am so glad he finally had a fantastic home to live in and - what a load of mates he had too!

emilyp said...

Thank you for sharing those pictures:) What a wonderful family!

Fiona Ross said...

Thomas had a wonderful home and I can tell he was a sweet peke. Hugs...