Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Chyna was one of our foster dogs three years ago. She was adopted and lives the happy life in N.Va.

She was a beautiful happy girl who got along with the other dogs in her foster home....

And then she got adopted and had her own mom and dad. They tried to foster, but Chyna did not want to share or have a best Peke friend. She loves to be the only dog-- some just do. :-)

And now Chyna, with her summer puppy cut, has the run of the house and is very happy. You're a beautiful girl, Chyna!


lady jicky said...

I sometimes get the feeling that my Kenzo would like to be the "only" dog but ..... tough! LOL

Chyna is very pretty!

emilyp said...

What a beautiful girl!! Her summer/puppy cut looks just like Newmie and Drizzle's:)

Nicky said...

A little doll! And she looks "fetching" in her summer haircut! :)