Sunday, October 23, 2011


Portia is here with her new brother.

Portia came to us from a shelter and we were told she was a Peke. She must have a bit of something else in there, but our rep was there, so we took her. She needed help and sometimes, we "bend the rules." I'm glad we did.

Portia is very sweet and just loves to have a place to cuddle. She was fostered with a three year old and she was good, but she would have preferred an "older" household. :-) I understand Portia! Sometimes, you just need a little quiet.

Portia was adopted and now lives in Maryland. She really is sweet and affectionate. She even has manners and will sit or lay when you ask her to. She is getting used to her new home and she has found she can snuggle with her new "sister." Thank you for adopting this sweet girl!


lady jicky said...

So glad for Portia and I wonder if she gets time on that laptop?????

Doris Sturm said...

She's lovely! I know my Weezie has probably some Terrier in her because she's taller and lankier than Pekes, but she has that sweet Peke face and I'm glad she lives with us.

Thank you for bending the rules a little and helping Portia! God bless you for all you do!