Friday, November 16, 2012


 Bessy and Puggy are wonderful loving girls.   They were given up by their owner's husband while she was in the hospital.  (He had put them and their Shih Tzu brother, Joey, outside in the yard, not wanting them anymore.)
 These two are happy to do whatever is on your schedule.  They will follow you everywhere.     Puggy was submissive with Bessie  at first, but now she's come out of her shell.
They love walks and playing with toys. Bessy initially didn't like the other dogs in her foster home, but now they are all great friends. They even get along with the cats.   They are working on being housetrained and are making progress.   They are a very closely bonded pair and need to stay together.    If you would be interested in them, just email us at .  


lady jicky said...

He just put them outside ???

Oooo - what a person!!! Rrrr

I hope Bessy and Puggy find a loving home together - that is what those two cuties deserve.

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

The wife was in the hospital and the owner's husband wanted them out of the house before she came home. I wonder what the wife thought about his decision? [I think I recall that she has cancer, but not sure.] Joey was adopted recently. I think this was the original post on the blog: