Monday, November 19, 2012


Butterscotch has come a long way since he came into rescue in October.   Look at him now!   No e-collar, healthy, happy, running around.  
Yes, I'm taking your picture little one.  I see the snaggle tooth!
Butterscotch is so affectionate.    He loves to be near you, follows me, and curls up with me on the couch.
Cranberry is still asking why all these foster dogs come!   She still is the boss, but with her degenerative disc disease, she can't do much but be mouthy.
Butterscotch wasn't housetrained when he came, so I ordered these great belly bands!   Linda Gerdes makes them for me and they are made specifically for the dog they are intended for.    They are life-savers-- or should I say rug savers.   If you need to order some (and they are better and cheaper than any pet story), just contact her at:   Butterscotch is now housetrained-- yippee!  Today, he actually went to the back door to go out-- let's have a parade to celebrate!
After his neuter, Butterscotch wore a new kind of e-collar -- but he was so good, I took it off him after a few days.     He loves the pink bed!!
I love you, Butterscotch.  You're such a wonderful boy-- your new mom can't wait for you to arrive!


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - he is so cute and .... I see autumn leaves on your ground!

Toni Davis said...

He is so very cute! You can look at his face and see what an adorable puppy he is! He has really turned around quickly! Love all of them:)