Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 In S.E. Virginia, we don't usually get a lot of snow, but it can get cold.  Okay, not cold like in Minnesota, but cold for us.    Dogs who are let out quickly and for short times are usually fine, but some need extra layers when outside.    Scooter above, has a nice coat and he loves the snow.    This picture was taken when he was younger, but now he has some  "old man" issues with his back and I don't let him stay out long.    
Cranberry LOVES LOVES LOVES the snow.   When she was younger, she would do the "snow dance" and pray for snow to come.   She almost disappears out there!     There are many winter concerns for our pets and SPEAKING FOR SPOT talks about them.   Please read the article in this link to know how to keep your pet safe in the winter.     Most thinks you will know, but some are good to be reminded of.   Stay safe and warm!
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lady jicky said...

I just thought all Peke's would adore winter but .... with snow ... my girls would have the "old lady issues" !!!! LOL