Saturday, November 17, 2012


 Here's Paddington/Paddy.   We were told he was a Peke and the picture was so bad, we took their word for it.   Okay, he's not a Peke, he's a Shih-Tzu we think.
 He is in a foster home in Virginia Beach and they love him!    He is so sweet and cuddly and a couch potato. He loves snuggling with his foster dad, curled up beside him and is a laid back boy.    He has only been with his foster family a few days and acts like he's been there forever.
 He must have been housetrained at one point because he's catching on very quickly to go outside.     He's a smart boy!
Look at this face-- he had his teeth cleaned (lost one or two) and they are now white and shiny.    His foster Chin brother, Percy is there posing right along with Paddington.
 Do you want this sweet boy?     He's ready for a home!
 "Is my new family out there?"
 He's looking for you.
 He's ready!
My Max says, "Help Paddy find a home!"   :-)


lady jicky said...

I hope Paddy finds a home real soon for Shih Tzu's are very clever dogs !

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Peke or Shih-Tzu, he's a handsome boy. Looks more like a Peke to me with his teeth and bowed front legs. He's showing off his clean pearly whites! Paddington sounds like the perfect dog, and I hope he finds his furever home soon!