Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We received a request to take in this 3 year old boy.    I gave him the name Piper-- it's Christmas and you know all about the 11 Pipers piping.   Right?    Twelve Drummers drumming, 11 Pipers Piping, Ten Lords-a-Leaping...     You know the song.   
After getting his vaccines and lab work done, he came home with me.  It looked like two Cranberry's in the yard-- but Piper is nice. :-)   Cranberry was giving him her "don't come near me" growl.    She is such a snit.
Scooter comes up to encourage Piper to come his way.  Scooter is my therapy dog for the new ones.
And Piper went with Scooter.    Piper weighs almost 13 pounds, and is a fluffy, sweet dog.   He does need nasal fold surgery on his eyes, those folds are right in there.
He's checking out my yard-- leaves all over.
He followed Scooter-- Piper fit right in.   Not a mean bone in his body.
I think they're sharing secrets here.    So sweet!   I did a video-- I should have stopped it a few seconds sooner, but oh, well.   I didn't know Piper had business to do.    It still shows what a sweet boy he is.   Click here: piper - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

Piper looks a lovely boy.