Monday, November 5, 2012


Tinkerbelle was at Lucinda's and Roger's when they were doing Halloween pictures and Tinkerbelle had hers taken too.  I don't think she was thrilled at all!    Pouting is what it looks like she is doing haha.
 She went to Jeanne's for a few days on her transport to her foster home in Maryland.     She is a tiny thing-- we were told she was a Peke in the shelter and by getting her, she wasn't gassed the next day.    But, she's more mix than I realized.
 She was still worth saving!   She loves to oplay and is very vocal.    She's a good eater and will go outside and use piddle pads for going to the bathroom.     She wants to be close to her human, too.
She is very young, FULL of energy (she could rival Toby here).  Maybe we should get these two together to wear each other out-- too bad we are so far away.  
Here are some videos to show you how sweet and energetic she is!   In some, she is with Bree, the 3.5 fearless Chi, Tara the white Chi, and Abigail Rose, the grey Shih Tzu.  
Click here: tinkerbellemovie - YouTube
Click here: tinkerbellemovie3 - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

You can see the Peke in there but .... Tinkerbell is just so cute - she has more "cute" in her breed for sure!!!