Thursday, November 8, 2012


 This tiny 6.7 pound female came from a Maryland shelter.     Jeanne decided to look on craigslist for that area to see if she could find a posting.  
 There was a posting for a missing Japanese Chin, but the picture included was definitely a Peke!
 Jeanne emailed the person and we found out this was indeed her dog.    She had been missing for 6 weeks and had been walked off leash by someone on a cell phone (and not paying attention).    
Shelby (who we were calling Sophie) does need medical attention, which we began on Monday to help her eyes.  
 The owner said she will pay for her medical care and she can't wait to get her little girl back. We will send her home in much better shape than she was when we got her.
     Sometimes rescue isn't finding an adopter-- it's finding an owner!   I'm so glad Jeanne went that extra step to find her.


lady jicky said...

I hope this all ends up well.

Pekiegirl said...

Great job Jeanne!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Thank you PVPR for taking excellent care of this little girl. I'm glad you found her owner, and I know her owner is anxious to be reunited with her little girl. I hope the owner never allows her to be walked without a leash again. The end to this story could have had a different and tragic outcome.