Sunday, November 25, 2012


 Beautiful Desi posed for fall pictures.  I just love the colors in these and how wonderful she looks in the leaves.  
 Desi has her mom's heart.
 This is Dollar.  They adopted him after fostering him-- he was a Peke who had a few issues, but he felt very secure with Roger and Lucinda.    (Starlight was like that, which is why she stayed with us-- for some reason, she trusted us.)
 Fiona is a long term foster with them.  She has degerative disc disease like my Cranberry, but is doing well.   She will occasionally try to run with the rest and it's so cute.
 This is Julius-- we are looking for a foster home for him-- he's a sweet boy.  He does have medical issues, but his tail is always wagging and he just wants a forever home.    I love the seniors and I know some of you do, too.   So, if you would like to have this sweet boy join your home, just let us know.  We have others in need of a home to spend the rest of their lives, too.    We have special adoption fees for our seniors.  
 Madge is a foster dog at Desi's house.   She is heartworm positive and has been having medical issues, but she's hanging in there.   She's a very sweet girl.  
 Look at Puji-- he's a foster dog at Desi's house and he's had medical problems but he has a determined little spirit.   We're all hoping he is ready for a foster/adoptive home soon.
 Wanda is Roger's girl.   She loves her Daddy and loves to go to Starbucks with him.   The staff all knows this Peke!  
 She's taking a snooze here-- sounds like a good idea!
 Here's Desi again-- are you ready for the photo session to end?    You sure look great in your Fall outfit.    Desi wears a dress every day to her mom's office.  She is quite a hit there.
Madge again-- looking up.   Maybe she's looking for her mom and her forever home.    We have many older ones and they deserve a home, too.  If you have a special place for one of them, please let us know.  

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lady jicky said...

Winter is on the way Miss Desi and friends so make the most of going outside without the snow.

We have had a couple of hot days so it looks like we may be in for a hot summer :(