Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I've been in rescue for almost 17 years.   Starlight was one who chose us.
Max came in and no one adopted him-- we did.
I've had a lot of medical dogs, like BeeBee and Nala.
And I've held many as we said good bye to them. 
Kai Kai lost his eyes and then had a stroke---  We kept on going..
My Scooterbug had health issues, too.  I could say, "WHY ME?"
I took Clara out of a small rural shelter...
And thought, "She'll do great!!"   And then..... She had multiple health issues.
Lexie was a foster five years ago-- she had IMHA and made is 13 months.   WHY ME?
Clara  such a sweet girl and we are doing all we can for her.
I could say, "WHY ME?"   But, then I realized, "WHY NOT ME?"
I have had so many who fought and fought and didn't make it.   But, Clara is fighting to stay.
I've been so honored to have so many to love-- even if they didn't make it.   I've had the chance to hold them, and help them, and sometimes, see them move on after they were too sick.  
So, don't feel bad for me-- I've had the opportunity to meet, love, help, and hold so many sweet dogs.   I've stopped saying, "Not another one.  Why Me?"   I say, "Why not me???"   So many of my friends have gone and are going through tough things-- health, loss...and they inspire me with their positive outlook.  They see blessings-- not losses, not hardship.  Is it hard to lose one, hard to go through tough times.  You bet, yes.   But, if we focus on the blessings, the honor, the gift, we do so much better.
So, I'm thankful to have Clara.  I'm thankful to have had so many who needed me for a time, and that I could love.  I say, "Why not me?" when I get a "tough one."   I'm honored to be part of their lives.  


Lost Earring said...

The fourth photo down in this day's blog was like a blow to the head reminding me what a great rescuer is all about.

"Why me? Why not me?" for 17 years is a dedication to rescue that is hard to beat. So many of us follow the blog faithfully and being introduced to each rescue and following their journeys hurts at times. I can't even describe the sorrow I felt when the sisters BeeBee and Nala passed, let alone the others as they left us.

It brings home the fact that I don't have what it takes to be a rescuer but I can and will offer help in as many ways as possible because there's always something each of us can do according to our abilities and gifts.

I will continue to refer to Linda as the Dog Whisperer because that's what she does best.

LadyJicky said...

I think everyone has a "speciality" in life and Linda's is in the area of Pekingese Rescue.

You are a super duper Peke Angel Linda !!!

Lillian said...

You're wisdom, Linda, and your selfless work and care for these Pekes (and others) are amazing