Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rusty, Saved in Time

This is Rusty. Rusty only weighs seven pounds. And he should weigh more.
Rusty was in a Connecticut shelter. Like most shelters, it was overflowing with dogs. And the older ones are the first to be put down if there is a lack of space. Rusty was ten years old, so his chances weren't good.
Rusty was left in the garage by his owner, who moved out of the house. Thank goodness, the neighbors realized he was there, eating pieces of wood because he was so hungry. (If someone moves and you know they had a dog, try to make sure the dog has not been left there. We've had several dogs come into rescue after they were abandoned.) Rusty was obviously sick and scared to death and was not likely to be adopted since there were plenty of puppies at the front of the shelter. He was in the back, in a little cage, looking very sad and lonely. His new owner took one look and knew he was his!
Rusty went to the vet, and he has a heart murmur and needs to put on weight. He has some other health issues also, but his new owner is up to the challenge!! He will make sure Rusty has all the love and care and food he needs. After being with his new owner a week, Rusty saw another dog walk by outside and he barked!! What a great sign for a little dog who was just hanging on.
His new owner will send me updates on Rusty-- but Rusty is safe and loved. And that is the best thing for him right now.


lady jicky said...

I am inlove with Rusty!!!
There is a little Peke angel up there looking out for Rusty and I wish him and his new owner all the best in the world.
Kenzo says - "when Rusty is stonger , lets go and bark at the possum on my fence mate!"

Willy and Suzy's mom said...

Bless little Rusty and bless his new owner! When I read this post, my heart just broke. I know this sort of abandonment happens, and now with the economic situation and foreclosures, people are desperate. BUT HOW CAN ANYONE LEAVE A DOG LOCKED IN THEIR GARAGE AND JUST LEAVE?? This is criminal and deserves prosecution! My mom, her brothers and my grandma fled from Estonia in 1944 with whatever they could carry in their backpacks. Many neighbors were heartbroken to leave their pets behind, but my mom told me that EVERYONE she knew made arrangements for their pets to be cared for by some relatives who stayed behind. And this was during WAR! In today's world of shelters and rescue groups, I just can't fathom how people can be so uncaring and evil to innocent pets who cannot speak up for themselves...?I hate to hear about the people who leave their pets tied in front of the shelter at 6am so they don't have to pay the surrender fee, but at least those pets are one step closer to safety and don't have to resort to eating wood...

Linda said...

This is from Ollie and Buffy's mom. She's having a hard time adding comments, so I'll just add her email comments. :-) I'm so glad they applied to adopt Ollie and Buffy-- what a WONDERFUL family they are!

"I have been reading all of the cute comments but I had missed this one. I really had a hard time finding those bows but my friend finally found them in a children's store. They clip on nicely but Ollie pulls them out when he gets a chance and Buffy shakes them out if they have been there too long. She does look cute with them though. Also, my vet took a picture of her and said he was going to put it on his computer - he just loved her also.

I tried to respond on the site but I have not figured out how I can make comments.

Thanks so much for all of the nice comments you made and for taking the time to feature our two little buddies. As you see, they are spoiled already. They are both on the bed behind me watching me right now as I type on the computer."
Linda for Ollie/Buffy's mom

lady jicky said...

Kenzo and I are waving at Ollie and Buffy's Mum and saying a big "G'day mate".

***Pop over to ebay and you just might find those bows for Ms Buffy there on elastic bands! ***

Karin said...

Awww, Rusty, poor baby ~ I'm so glad his story has a happy ending ~ just in time...
I truly will never understand how anyone could be that cruel, no matter how desperate the situation they are in. On the news it was reported several(very hot)summers ago a pomeranian and cat were abandoned in a house and observed by a neighbor licking the windows in the early morning before it got hot outside. Unfortunately the neighbor called the authorities too late.


Jeanne said...

Oh my.....what a great ending to a very sad story.....Rusty is so lucky to have his new family. I'm sure his new family feels the same. Thank you for helping this little guy find love and a great new home. Makes me want to cry for joy!!!!!!

Linda said...

A friend sent me this:
How anyone can mistreat these little ones is beyond me. I agree with Anna. They should be prosecuted.