Friday, August 27, 2010


This is what Brandy looked like before she was taken from her "owner." I hesitate to use that term, because this woman just used her for making money off puppies. Brandy came with two puppies, both with urine burns on their paws-- all three were closed into an airline crate in the hot sun. I'm surprised they were alive.
Brandy weighed only 9 pounds-- all skin and bones. She wasn't sure what was going on with the bath, but I know having years of dirt come off had to feel good.
She's looking at her past life just washing away down the drain.
And look at her sweet face now. "Am I going to have a new life?" You sure are, sweet girl.
"I really like my foster mom at the vet's-- Jeanne is taking such good, loving care of me." Jeanne fell in love with every one of these dogs as she cared for them while they were being medically evaluated and having surgery. It was hard for her to let them go to their foster homes. Part of her heart went with each one.
Brandy was given some freedom to follow Jeanne around as Jeanne cared for them all. She was her little helper.
Brandy had all her surgery and was on the way to a foster home. Can you see her looking around at life outside a puppy mill? Look at her smile!
Yes, I think she's going to enjoy freedom and love and the future.
She's looking up at her foster mom, Mary Elizabeth. That's Camden's mom! You know how beautiful Camden is. He's a little put off by the "intruder" but I bet they'll be best friends in no time.
You are going to be safe and loved, little girl. Your life has changed forever.
Now, she has a big yard to run in. She will run around the backyard and her tail is up and wagging like crazy. She probably thinks she is in Disneyland!
She had many naps in her new foster mom's lap-- she's getting over being shy and timid already.
She's experiencing JOY! And she loves her foster mom's mother who lives with them. She loves to rest in her lap. Some sounds make her jump a little-- sneezing, stuff falling, airplanes going over the house (it's near the Navy base). But, those will become normal and she'll adjust-- look how far she's come already.
These Bristol 18 Pekes have never known freedom. Some need time for their muscles to develop since they were so confined-- but they are now having the space to run. Watching them transform is amazing. Check out two videos of her below!

If you want to apply for any of them, or donate to their care, please go to our web site:


lady jicky said...

Oh dear Brandy , I wish you just the best life!

I am sending HUGE postive Adoption Vibes !!!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

I'm amazed by how affectionate and sweet she is! I got snuggles and kisses this morning when I went to take her outside. She chooses attention over "*ahem* doing her business" and over food. She is good with Camden (he just avoids so far, poor guy!) and is making huge strides towards being potty trained. She is a bit timid at first, but she's quickly gaining her confidence. In the evenings, she curls up at my feet while we read and watch tv. She will make a great companion.

emilyp said...

I love those pics!!!!!! Brandy looks so happy: )

Karin said...

I'm very thankful Brandy and her pups were freed from those deplorable conditions in time. I'm so grateful this little girl is finally getting to experience the good side of life. Her choosing love and attention over food and doing her business says it all, Mary Elizabeth. Rescues make the best pets. The picture of her watching her past go down the drain along with the dirt is the perfect metaphor, Linda.

Linda said...

Thank you Karen. I don't know why I came up with that, but it seemed so appropriate for the picture. Watching them dogs leave the past behind and going forward it a lesson for all of us.