Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Trio and Arbie's mom's birthday is August 8. She asked that instead of presents, donations be made to help our rescue dogs. Thank you!! What a generous heart you have!
Here's Arbie and Trio-- Trio was adopted almost a year ago. You would think she had been there much longer. She and Arbie are best friends!
Trio loves to be out on the deck-- she's posing just to show you how pretty she is.
And sometimes, she just curls up on the couch to take a rest-- I love how she's resting in a sitting position!
Here's a closer shot-- precious! Yes, Trio, you're beautiful.
Arbie is telling us she's beautiful, too! You sure are! And they are both such great dogs. They love to go for walks and see the children. Some Pekes are not good with kids, but these two adore them.
They both have a wonderful home in Richmond-- I hope for homes like this for All our foster dogs! Hug them for me Cate and Allan!!


lady jicky said...

Oh those two look like great mates!
That is a really cute way to sit!:)

Jane Garrett said...

Gracie Lu says that it is wonderful that ALL Pekes are so beautiful!!!

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday Cate !!!!!!

Thank you for helping our foster pekes. !!!