Monday, August 30, 2010


Katrina (left) and Julie-- now Ju Li-- were the last two Pekes we got from the Bristol 18 puppy mill shut down. They were afraid and not sure at all about what was ahead of them.
They are in a foster home now-- and doing so well. Ju Li had to have leg/knee surgery and has a long incision on her leg, so she has to stay quiet. She's in a crate here, but she is usually in an xpen to give her some area to move gently around. Katrina is offering her support.
Wylie, their foster brother (he was adopted from us last year and is beautiful now!), came to see what was on my lap. Bella, a visiting Schnauzer is wondering what he sees.
WOW, is that a puppy on your lap?? Yes, it is! Cubbie Woo had gone for a visit, too.
Lily was snuggling on her dad's lap. There were a lot of dogs around, so this was a nice safe place to be.
There goes Bella-- she is a beautiful Schnauzer! And sweet!! Maybe one of these Pekes will become her new friend.
Katrina is looking at whatever Wylie is looking at. Must be very interesting!
Ju Li went to rest on the glider with her foster mom. She loves the glider and it will put her right to sleep. She has to rest so her leg will heal.
Are you talking about me??? :-) Go back to sleep Ju Li.
They are good friends, but will do fine apart. We just want them to both be taken care of. And loved for the rest of their lives.
Katrina is keeping an eye on things so Ju Li can rest.


lady jicky said...

Oh my, are those two sooooo pretty!!!

Karin said...

They are so sweet! Wouldn't it be great if they're adopted together!?

emilyp said...

I love how happy the Pekes look in their foster homes:)