Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Pax was adopted a few weeks ago. He now lives with some young children. We don't usually adopt to families with young children, but we made an exception here. This family has always had Pekingese and their children are taught how to be around dogs-- and Pax is an exceptional Peke! He LOVES children. (So does Maximus, who was adopted last week!)
Pax loves toys-- remember the video of him pulling all the toys out of the basket? Click here: YouTube - the toy box.3GP Well, he did the same thing in his new home. They said there were more dog toys around than kid toys. That's Pax!
Here's Pax with Grace the Greyhound. They are doing great together.
They decided to switch beds-- somehow, I think Pax got the best end of this deal!! Big dogs in little beds are so funny.
My daughter's chocolate lab tried the same thing-- she didn't fit!
Pax, you are one handsome boy-- I'm so glad you like your new home! They sure do love you.

And to finish this blog, I thought I'd include something a friend sent me. Enjoy!

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lady jicky said...

As long as a bun can fit the bed - most dogs don't care! LOL
so happy to see Pax in a lovely home :)