Saturday, August 14, 2010


Penny Anne came to us from a shelter in Maryland. She was there over three weeks-- several people expressed interest, but no one followed through and adopted her. Who knows why-- she is SO Sweet!
She arrived at her foster home in Richmond with Jeanne-- what an easy keeper!
We had FIVE applications for her in the first week! That's amazing. We had to choose a great home -- hard when we had so many wonderful applications! We're hoping they'll choose another one of our rescue Pekes. Here she is with her new mom's friend. (above)
When her new mom met Penny Anne, it was love at first sight. Actually, she fell in love with her picture! She just wanted to hug her.
Here they are posing at Jeanne's house-- look at Penny Anne smile!
Penny Anne is now CoCo-- she doesn't care what she is called as long as she is loved. And she IS loved!
If you want to help our new rescue Pekes, please click on our web site:


lady jicky said...

What a lovely ending for Penny Anne / CoCo:)

Jane Garrett said...

Gracie and I are so pleased that little Penny Anne found such a wonderful home. God blesses us with all these little ones.

Karin said...

I can tell by her new mom's big, happy smile that Coco will have plenty of love from now on.

emilyp said...

Yay for a good home for Penny Anne!

Young Mogul said...

I love looking at the pictures on your site.