Thursday, August 5, 2010


I told you a few days ago that I was out of town. I went to spend time with my husband's family. Some of you guessed that I was in Florida-- but I was in Charleston, SC. We stayed a few days at the beach and here are some pictures. Here's a video to show what it sounded and looked like: Click here: YouTube - beachCharlestonSC
There was even a wedding on the beach and I was able to take a few pictures. The bride was barefoot. It was really fun.
Look at this-- we were in an area that wasn't as crowded. It was hot, so I was really glad for beach umbrellas.
One day, a lot of storms came in and I love to watch the clouds when a storm is coming in. It's really amazing how beautiful it can be.

Did you go on vacation this year?
Remember Campbell now Camden? He just moved from his condo to a house-- with a POOL!!! I can't wait to go visit! I love how they have a protective fence around it. Pekingese aren't very good swimmers.
I think he likes his new house! Who wouldn't!
Get ready, Camden. I'm coming to visit!


lady jicky said...

Ooooooo, Linda --- just love that Camden and if he was in Australia you MUST have a safety pool fence around all pools!!! By law - big fine if not!
So that there boy would have been safe here! :) LOL

Oooo, looks like you had a lovely break by the beach!

emilyp said...

He is so cute! !!!

diane said...

What a beautiful peke he has turned out to be...I always knew he would be gorgeous! I wish that my Prissy had accepted him, he was so sweet and loving. Give him a kiss and a big snuggle from his first adoptive mom!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Linda (and Jeanne too), there's a nice cold drink (possibly with an umbrella) with your name on it, just waiting!

(And he wants NOTHING to do with the pool, anyway. He stays SO far away.)