Thursday, August 12, 2010

Caleb and Toilet Paper

Caleb wants you all to know you can donate to the Bristol Pekes vetting. Here's the link:
Remember the toilet paper blog? This is what it looks like in my house, so we keep it on the counter. I've tried being "Cesar Milan" and it just doesn't work here. Scooter LOVES toilet paper and he isn't my brightest Peke (but so sweet!). So, I can be Cesar Milan or the queen and he'll still eat toilet paper.

He's never done this-- but given the chance.....

Caleb sent me an email-- I'm telling you, this is a smart Peke. Computer skills galore! Here's what he wrote:

Dear Linda~

Fu and I have been on vacation, but we try and read " Must Love Pekes" every day. Both of us are really worried after reading your blog on Toilet Paper rolls. I have a confession. I've taught Fu how much fun it is to rip up a roll. She had no idea about TP until I arrived. Both of us have been blaming the cat, you know the cat that LOVES Gloria? Our cover has been working until the blog appeared. You won't tell on us, will you?Love,Caleb

Caleb, you are so cute, I won't tell on you. But, you know what? I think your mom reads my blog-- so you may be caught now!


lady jicky said...

Hey Caleb -

Its Kenzo here - if they lock the toilet paper away from you and your mate ----

get the box of tissues!!!!


Kenzo in Oz :)

Essie said...

Hey Caleb.....This is Bernie, I came to wive wif my newz mommy and daddy. I keeps telin themz that thez gots a mouse in the house. I dontz tink they herz me. It is in the wittle baf room and it loves to tearz up de TP in there. Use that excuz if de kat one quits workn. In my case it iz the truff.
I will sendz Miss Linda a foto of it so at least she will hearz me.

Jane Garrett said...

Gracie Lu said to tell Caleb not to eat the TP just unroll it and show his Mom how smart he is. That's what I do.

Linda said...

Thank you Gracie Lu!! Your mom is always willing to help us-- she is a good friend to these preious little Pekes. They all deserve the best home, just like you got!
Love, Linda

cby said...

They both have the CPFF (cute Peke face factor). How can I possibly be upset?